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Thalgo Activ Draining 500ml


A food supplement which helps to eliminate water and fat to tone your figure

A 7-day treatment to boost weight loss, Activ Draining is concentrated in 3 plant extracts – Mate, Horsetail and Hibiscus – recognised for their draining properties, and Ascophyllum nodosum brown algae which boosts the elimination of fatty deposits.

Can also be taken as a food supplement to boost vitamin C intake which helps to reduce fatigue.

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  • Increases Vitamin-C levels to help reduce fatigue levels
  • 7-day treatment to boost weight loss
  • Slimming food supplement
  • Concentrated in 3 plant extracts

How to Use

1 Week Course

  • First 3 days: 2 capfuls per day, diluted in large glass of water
  • Next 4 days: 1 capful per day, diluted in large glass of water


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