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Waxing Treatments

We have a huge range of waxing treatments available for any areas of the body where you have unwanted hair.

Please note, after any treatments do not apply any heat, perfumed creams or fake tan to to the area for 24 hours after waxing and do not use a sunbed for 24 hours after waxing.

Full Leg & Bikini Wax - £44
Our Full Leg & Bikini Wax treatment costs £44 per session.
Full Leg & Brazilian Wax - £49
Our full leg & brazilian wax costs £49 per session.
Full Leg & Hollywood Wax - £59
Our full leg & hollywood wax costs just £59.
Half Leg Wax - £22
Our half leg wax costs just £22 per session.
Half Leg, Bikini Wax & Under arm - £47
Our Half Leg, Bikini & under arm wax treatment costs just £47
Three Quarter Leg Wax - £34
Our three quarter leg wax includes lower leg and half of the upper leg for just £32.
Underarm Wax - £16
Our Underarm Wax treatment costs just £16.

Facial Wax - £26
Our Facial Wax treatment costs just £27.
Upper Lip Wax - £14.00
Our Upper Lip Wax treatment costs £14.00.
Upper Lip & Chin Wax - £20
Our Upper Lip & Chin Wax treatment costs just £20.
Bikini Line Wax - £22
Our bikini line wax costs £22 per session.
Brazilian Wax - £28
The brazilian wax leaves a landing strip two to three fingers wide and costs £28.
Playboy Wax - £38
The playboy wax leaves a landing strip of hair and removes all the rest for just £38.
Hollywood Wax - £38
Our hollywood wax treatment removes everything for just £38.
Chest Wax - £36
Our chest wax costs just £36.
Back Wax - £36
Our Back Wax treatment costs just £36 per session.
Forearm Wax - £22
Our Forearm Wax treatment costs £22 per session.