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Ear Piercings

We offer a very safe, quick and as pain-free as possible piercing service. It includes 24ct gold/silver plated studs and wonderful home care solution to help with healing.

With our system, we can pierce ears gently and professionally with gorgeous, individually sealed, sterile, hypoallergenic studs.

Virtually silent and therefore also ideal for children. It offers the optimum in hygiene: The studs and earring backs are contained within a single-use cartridge, which is inserted directly into the instrument. We use industry-leading technology which ensures a gentle setting of the ear piercing. For this reason it is also ideal for use on the flat cartilage area of the upper ear.

Ear Piercings - £40
Our Ear Piercing treatment costs £40 per session.
Hopi Ear Candle - £40
Our Hopi Ear Candle treatment costs just £40  per session.