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Milia & Skin Tags

Here at Serenity, we have a range of treatments perfect for helping treat milia and skin tags.

Microlance Milia Removal - £25
A common complaint on skins of all ages, milia can appear on any area of the face. Due to the nature of these little white spots, it’s important that skin therapists can treat and remove them professionally using a quick and painless technique to avoid damage to the skin. 

A sterilised needle is mainly used to slightly open the skin over the milia and then it can be extracted out of the skin. It’s a pretty painless procedure with minimum downtime afterwards. 

This treatment costs £25 per session.
Electrolysis for Skin Tags - £55
Our Electrolysis treatment for skin tag removal costs £55
Electrolysis Consultation - Free
Our electrolysis consultation is free of charge.