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Pregnancy Massage.

We offer a Pregnancy Massage treatment perfect for helping to relieve any discomforts and relax expectant mothers. Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve some of the problems that are common during pregnancy. It can relieve stress and reduce swelling in your arms and legs.

What are the health benefits of pregnancy massage?
  • reduce stress.
  • relax and loosen your muscles.
  • improve your blood flow.
  • reduce fluid build-up.
  • improve your mood.
  • lower anxiety.
  • improve sleep

Is pregnancy massage safe?

We advised to avoid pregnancy massage in your first trimester, especially if you have a history of miscarriages.  There isn’t any evidence to prove that massage can trigger miscarriage, but it’s a sensible precaution to take.

Pregnancy Massage - £68
Massage during pregnancy is a wonderfully supportive and affirming experience with so many changes going on in the body. 

Many women don’t consider it possible to have a massage during pregnancy, however increasingly woman are finding that regular treatments help ease common aches and pains associated with the body changing and preparing for birth. 

We take care of your aches and pains from week 12 to week 40 and beyond. A wonderful stress relieving treatment, Perfect for mums to be. 

Our Pregnancy Massage treatment costs £68 for a 55 minute session.