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Clinical Massage Treatments

At Serenity we offer clinical and sports massage treatments with our experienced and fully qualified massage therapist, Karen. She combines sports massage and eastern massage techniques to treat anyone from athletes to those suffering with chronic pain.  

We can treat lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, acute locked back, migraine, whiplash, cervical sprain, carpel tunnel, RSI, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, hip and pelvis pain and leg, knee and foot pain.  

Our treatments include trigger point therapy, shiatsu massage, advanced stretching, myofascial release and deep tissue work.

* Karen, our clinical massage specialist, is currently on maternity so we are unable to offer any clinical massage treatments other than deep tissue.

Clinical Massage (40 Minutes) - £48 / £135
Our 40 minute Clinical Massage treatment costs £48 for a single session or £135 for a course of three treatments.
Clinical Massage (55 Minutes) - £63 / £170
Our longer 55 minute Clinical Massage treatment costs £63 per session with a full course of three treatments costing £170.
Clinical Massage Consultation - Free
Our clinical massage consultation will allow our therapists to decide which treatment will be best for you.
Deep Tissue Massage - £63
Our Deep Tissue Massage treatment costs just £60 for a 55 minute session.
Hot Stones Add-on - £10
Our hot stones massage add-on can be added to any other massage treatment and costs just £10.