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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment. Our trained Therapists inserts a very fine needle into the hair follicle under the surface of the skin. An electric current moves down the needle to the bottom of the follicle, destroying the hair root.

Is Electrolysis 100% permanent?
Regardless of the cause – heredity, metabolic, or hormonal conditions – electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair to reveal a glowing, confident you.
What to expect during Electrolysis?
Side effects such as redness and swelling will dissipate within 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Some people with sensitive skin may have a little longer healing time.
Whats the aftercare advise?
Avoid sun exposure for 24-48 hours after treatment and the use of tanning products on the area.
Avoid using soap or water saturation on the treated area.
If treating underarms, do not use deodorant for 24 hours.
For electrolysis on the face, try not to apply make-up for at least 24 hours. and wear an SPF30 or above.
Electrolysis (10 Minutes) - £25
Our 10 minute electrolysis session costs just £25.
Electrolysis (20 Minutes) - £40
Our 20 minute Electrolysis treatment costs £40.
Electrolysis (25 Minutes) - £47
Our 25 minute electrolysis session costs just £47.
Electrolysis Consultation - includes 10 Min Session -£25
Our electrolysis consultation appointment is for your first  for Electroysis session at serenity. This includes a consultaion and 10 minutes Electroysis
Electrolysis for Skin Tags - £60
Our Electrolysis treatment for skin tag removal costs £60
Electrolysis for Capillaries - £60 
Our Electrolysis treatment for capillary removal costs £60 per session.