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Rejuvenated Regenerate NAD+


DNA Protection. Cellular Health. Regenerate

A new and exciting, youth boosting formula from Rejuvenated.

Cellular Regenerate has been formulated to support DNA synthesis and the protection of DNA from oxidative stress.

8 Youth Boosting Molecules.



The formula with NAD+. Vitamin B2 and zinc is designed to:

  • Support healthy cellular ageing
  • Promote cellular energy and healthy DNA
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Support healthy bones
  • Help to maintain cognitive function

‘Regenerate is an exciting youth boosting supplement with NMN, plant-based molecules, zinc and vitamin B2 helping to protect at cellular level, so that you can get on with living your life to the full.’ Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated

8 potent youth boosting molecules include:

  • Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) a special form of Vitamin B3. Our energy levels decrease as we age. One reason for this is the decline of NAD+ a powerful molecule in every cell. Studies show that taking a supplement with NMN will help to boost NAD+ to youthful levels1.
  • Trans-resveratrol activates important cellular enzymes that help to protect us from ageing and age related degenerative diseases2.
  • Pterostilbene originates from the same family of plants as trans-resveratrol and is thought to work in the same way to enhance the activity of sirtuins. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the skin.
  • Fisetin is a powerful antioxidant from the polyphenol group of plants. It has the ability to eliminate dying rogue cells scattered around the body to prevent them from creating inflammation in neighbouring cells2.
  • Astragalus is one of the most potent adaptogen herbs, it helps us to stay youthful, lower stress levels and fight disease. Compounds within astragalus root (called cycloastragenols and astragalosides) are believed to slow the ageing process by activating telomerase enzyme production (studies indicate that the enzyme that helps to protect the strands at the end of DNA).
  • Quercetin phytosome contains flavonoids and is anti-allergenic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory It also helps to relax the arterial walls and promote a healthy circulation. Quercetin has an effect on the NRF2 pathway which in turn stimulates the longevity gene NQ1013.
  • Vitamin B2 has been included within this potent formula thanks to its many health benefits including the maintenance of skin, nails, hair, bones, teeth; reduction of tiredness and fatigue; protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage; and contribution to normal energy-yielding *Quercetin phytosome has 20 times more uptake than ordinary quercetin.
  • Zinc is considered to support the immune system, DNA synthesis, cell division and protection of DNA.**