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Priori® Skin Renewal Crème LCA fx121


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Skin re-texturising and resurfacing corrector. Smoothes, hydrates and renews.

The perfect face, neck, and décolleté cream that adapts to your lifestyle and delivers results at the cellular level. The ultimate resurfacing, retexturing, skin corrector that provides exactly what your skin needs to boost collagen production, deep hydration and skin renewal. Wrinkles and fine lines appear visually plumped so your complexion looks more radiant. This corrective serum is great for sun damaged skin, acne scars, or wherever you need stress relief or a healthy boost.


This complex formula works all day and night to release exactly what your skin needs to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for improved skin texture.

Skin looks softer, more hydrated and smoother as it continually replenishes itself all day & all night.​

Step 1 Start by using at night a few times per week after cleansing, building up to daily then twice per day once skin is fully acclimatised
Note You may also use it as a treatment product a few times per week for re-surface effect


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