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Priori® Hydrofill Masque LCA fx161


Beautifully hydrating, tightening and comforting skin treatment, intensively moisturises and restores the skin.

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By keeping hydration in and free radicals out, Priori's Hydrofill Masque helps to restore, replenish and hydrate, leaving your skin with a smoother, tighter and more radiant appearance. Featuring Priori’s proprietary adaptive technology, this treatment masque enables your skin to receive the nourishment it needs quickly. Use as a quick mask or apply a thin layer to rejuvenate your skin as you sleep.

  • Lovely sleep masque
  • use on flights
  • on holidays post-sun for immense hydration and restoration of the skins surface
  • Plumps and volumises the skin

How to use;

Step 1 Apply a thick layer over a cleansed face, neck and décolleté and leave for 10 minutes
Step 2 When the time is over, remove excess with a tissue or warm face cloth and blot dry the skin
Note Also, you may apply a thin layer on the skin and sleep in the masque! It will beautifully restore and nourish the skin as you sleep


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