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Priori® Gentle Cleanser LCA fx110


Light balm/creamy-textured daily cleanser. Smart enough for many skin types.

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Rich and complex, this formula not only cleans and exfoliates but enhances your skin’s barrier functions to protect you from daily environmental damage. Your skin takes just what it needs leaving you dewy, radiant and yes, more youthful.

  • The ultimate smart, adaptive cleanser for skin
  • Great to exfoliate, yet hydrate the surface of the skin
  • Additionally, fabulous anti-irritation benefits make this one of the most versatile cleansers available

How to use:

Step 1 Take 1-2 pumps in palm of hand
Step 2 Mix gently with small amount of water
Step 3 Press and massage into face/ neck/décolleté
Step 4 Massage to the skin and remove with a warm, clean face cloth and water
Step 5 Pat dry
Note A gentle tingling sensation may be felt, this is normal


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