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Australian Bodycare Antiseptic Hand & Body Lotion


Are you looking for a moisturising cream for the whole body? Body Lotion adds moisture and protection. 100% natural Tea Tree Oil effectively counteracts bacteria. Great to protect from impurities and dryness all over the body. Leaves skin soft and supple.


Our Body Lotion is the perfect daily body moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types. Perfect for soothing dry, scaly, itchy and irritated skin.  It contains antiseptic, natural Australian Tea Tree Oil which counteracts bacterial growth and reduces the risk of red bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing. It is also ideal as an after-sun treatment. Daily use results in supple, silky soft, healthy skin.

How to use:  Apply liberally as often as needed. For best results use after washing with Australian Bodycare Body Wash. Add a generous amount of Body Lotion to your palms and massage all over the body. Allow a few minutes for the lotion to absorb before dressing.

All our products are 100% vegan – naturally inspired and never tested on animals.


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