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What Do My Spots Mean?

During facial treatments and skin consultations, many of our clients ask questions like “Why do I have a spotty forehead?”, or “Why have I got spotty cheeks?”.  To answer, Sharon our skin expert often refers to Chinese face mapping. This 3000-year-old practise is commonly known as mien shiang (which directly translates to “face reading”). Similar to reflexology points in the feet, it maps different organs to various sections of the face, which may give very telling signs as to what your spots really mean. 

What are the different zones in Chinese face mapping and what’s causing breakouts in these areas?

Zone A: Digestive System – High amounts of fat in the diet can lead to spotty outbreaks on the forehead.
Zone B: Liver – A high alcohol or dairy intake can cause this area to flare up, as well as possible food allergies.
Zone C: Kidneys – Spots close to the ear and dark circles around the eyes are usually caused by dehydration.
Zone D: Heart – High blood pressure, caused by fatty foods and lack of fruit or vegetables in the diet.
Zone E: Lungs – Smokers may find they’re more prone to outbreaks along the cheeks.
Zone F: Hormones – Women find this zone a major key indicator of stress and hormonal changes within certain times of the month.
Zone G: Stomach – This area is most prone to breakouts when the diet has been very rich and foods have been particularly difficult to digest.

With that in mind, it seems clear that healthy lifestyle choices (i.e. reducing alcohol intake, increasing your water intake, eating less fatty foods) are all key elements to a healthier complexion. 

Here at Serenity, we house a range of treatments that are great for both clearing up spot prone skin and ridding you of your acne scars for good. 

  • Caci Microdermabrasion: Using a disposable tip, this abrader gently removes dead skin cells on the surface to reveal a softer, more youthful complexion. This treatment also incorporates blue LED light to destroy the bacteria within the spots.
  • Priori Peel: This treatment uses lactic acid to treat acne by gently sloughing away dead skin cells to promote decongestion and increase cellular activity. It also increases hydration and packs the skin full of essential anti-oxidants to promote a healthier appearance. 
  • Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation: This works by directing pulses of light into the upper layers of the skin. The Ellipse system is carefully controlled to produce the correct amount of light, which destroys the acne bacteria within the skin. This treatment reduces inflammation, pigmentation and helps to reduce scarred tissue caused by acne.

Your skin is your most visible organ, so if you’re having problems or still over-indulging, it’s sure to let you know about it! There’s plenty of treatments out there to improve problematic skin.

Get in touch with the team at Serenity to book your free skin consultation, where our experts, including Sharon, will discuss and advise the best treatment options for you. Call us on 01625 877875, email, or click here to book now!