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The Technology You Use Is Affecting Your Skin

The causes behind many of Serenity’s client’s unhappiness with their aged skin is sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and sometimes the industry in which they have worked.

However, the owner and founder of Serenity, Nichola, is sure that looking ahead into the future there will be a dramatic shift and the main contributing factor will be technology devices. If you’re a tech adopter you are more likely to age quicker – #fact!

The dreaded ‘Tech Neck’

The act of individuals constantly checking their phone, iPad or even laptop, resting on their lap is leading to a rise in what experts across the skin and aesthetics industry are branding ‘Tech Neck’.

Nichola says: “This endless neck bending that is occurring when people are viewing their screens is causing neck muscles to be shortened, thereby increasing the gravitational pull on the skin. This effect leads to sagging skin and drooping jowls and a noticeable crease above the clavicle bone – all hallmarks of an ageing neck.

“With the move over to everything technical and the number of devices on the market ever increasing – I’m afraid that the younger generation will be prone to this type of ageing more than their elders! In particular, young adults are accelerating the impact of gravity on their lower face, throat and upper neck. I can see in years to come that my colleagues and I across the beauty and aesthetics world will be inundated with clients saddened by their over-aged neck.

“I would advise anyone that wants to steer clear from any early-ageing signs to hold their device up so that your chin is parallel to the ground – and be conscious to not always have your head down! I would also advise some stretching to make sure you are giving your neck extra strength.”

The rise in ‘Phone Acne’

Acne is an age-old issue, but again, the use of technology is increasing the number of people suffering from problematic skin.

Nichola continues: “Many people that come into Serenity have acne that is positioned around the ear, jaw-line and side of the face – a classic sign that their phone is increasing oil and blocked pores.

“As the rise in mobile use continues to grow, I can only see my appointments for acne treatment increasing – especially in the younger generation. Holding your phone up to your face means that there is a mechanical stimulation (the pressure against the oil glands) that triggers them to produce more oil. Then, the bacteria and the heat from the screen breeds more bacteria, mixes with the skin and results in blemishes.

“Also, touching keyboards or pads that have not been cleaned regularly and then touching your face is another contributor to bad skin.

“The only way to protect your skin against any ‘phone acne’ is to clean your screen and keyboard regularly, or after every use! This will help to remove up to 98% of germs, or try using earphones instead of holding your phone up to your face.”

Stop squinting at your device, you’ll get ‘Crows Feet’

Serenity also offers, through their partnered provider SkinViva, Aesthetics and non-surgical procedures. They treat lots of patients that are unhappy with their wrinkles that are typically known as ‘Crows Feet’. Nichola foresees that the reason behind these type of wrinkles will also change in years to come.

“The main reason behind most of my clients having pronounced wrinkles around their eyes is sun damage, but I envisage this is going to change dramatically in the future.

“The amount of people that are squinting whilst using their technology devices is very obvious – just look around you. Often, we squint to try and read something, viewing a small video or even type into our mobile phones.

“If you are squinting on a regular basis over a length of time you will cause repetitive strain on your skin which will cause wrinkles! I would recommend increasing the font size and brightness on your phone and any other device to help prevent fine lines around the eyes.”

Looking at your devices will age you!

Recent discoveries are backing up earlier thoughts that using computers and other hand-held devices may be as harmful to your skin as spending time in the sun.

Nichola advises: “There has been a lot of media hype about how our computer screens and other devices are keeping us awake at night due to the blue light they emit, well this very same light is ageing and damaging skin too.

“I can see that in the future one of the main reasons people will look to a skin expert or aesthetic practitioner will be to improve the damage caused by over-exposure to technology devices.

“Known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, it can penetrate the skin more deeply than UV rays, the electromagnetic stress can cause breaks in the DNA strand which can prevent skin repairing itself and place oxidative stress on cells. Research is still developing, but recent discoveries suggest the effects may be as harmful as the damage caused by UVA and UVB light combined. With some saying that as little as four hours on a device can be as harmful as a whole day in the sun!

“It’s simple, the skin will age much quicker for those who are on their devices all day long because the electromagnetic field is altering the minerals in the skin. Sunscreen alone will not protect you from your electronic device, but if you saturate your skin with anti-oxidants it can help prevent DNA damage.

As research continues, more and more products targeting HEV light are sure to develop and I would advise the younger generation who spend their lives on these devices to heavily invest to protect their skin!”

How Serenity can help you:

Serenity offers a plethora of products, treatments and therapies that will help protect your skin from the multitude of issues mentioned above. Here is a breakdown of some that are perfect.

  • For ‘Tech Neck’ or Jowls our CACI treatment plan is ideal. This treatment is like a workout for your face. It firms and tones the facial muscles and is often described as “the non-surgical facelift”. During each 1-hour treatment session, all 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements. A course of 10 treatments is advised to see the real benefits and long-term change.   Start your CACI experience today from as little as £25.
  • Many of our skin products from brands such as Thalgo and Elemis etc are perfect for combatting any signs of Acne. Or, for a treatment based option, we have our IPL Ellipse machine.
  • Our partner provider SkinViva offer a range of aesthetic options for people wanting to take a further step to halt ageing. Please speak to any of our team members for more information.