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Not Going Away This Summer?

Ever dreamed of never using that razor again… many women do! To have a body free from embarrassing and unsightly hair is a wonderful thought. Attempts to realise this dream have probably led to a great deal of effort (not to mention suffering!) in the way of razor blades, electric shavers or the more uncomfortable methods of tweezers, wax or needle electrolysis. As a rule, all the energy is wasted as the hair soon grows back.

Well, why not make a change this Summer and have Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL), it offers fast, safe and practically painless permanent hair reduction.

Most ladies and men that have this treatment have a flurry of questions before wanting to go ahead. We have put together below the top questions we get asked to help guide anyone who may be interested! Of course, we also advise that anyone that is looking to undergo treatment makes sure they choose a reputable and experienced salon. 

How does IPL hair removal work?

Concentrated light from the laser passes through the skin to be absorbed by the hair’s pigments as heat. This heat destroys the hair follicle at its root meaning no further hair can grow.

Who is it suitable for?

Since the laser targets pigment, it works best on those with darker hair and pale skin tones. Lasers are being developed that work on darker skin tones but they can’t eliminate blonde, grey or white hairs due to the absence of pigment.

Can you have it done anywhere on your body?

Yes, IPL hair removal can be carried out on any part of the body excluding the delicate area around the eyes. Protective eye-wear is always provided during treatment.

Will hair be permanently removed? 

We prefer to call it permanent hair reduction – that is that hair growth will be permanently reduced by up to 95% after completing a course of treatment. Some slight regrowth is to be expected from hair follicles that weren’t destroyed (see below) so some clients opt for an annual ‘top up’ treatment.

Does the hair come back eventually? 

Human hair grows in cycles – follicles have active and resting phases. IPL hair removal can only kill follicles in the active growing phase and once damaged the follicle can no longer grow hair. However, hair follicles that were notin the active phase will need to be treated again hence laser removal is carried out over several appointments and a period of months.

How many sessions are required on average? 

Generally, we recommend six treatments to ensure total clearance but since everyone’s hair type is different some clients may need seven sessions, whilst others will have the desired result after just four or five.

Will it hurt?

Most clients liken the sensation to having a rubber band snapped against their skin – so whilst not totally pain-free it can be easily tolerated by the majority of people we treat. It really depends on your pain threshold. The equipment we use employs an effective cooling fan that can take the edge of the heat.

Is it true you need to stay out of the sun before and after treatments? 

Yes. It’s absolutely essential that your skin hasn’t been exposed to sun for at least four weeks before treatment. If skin is tanned the laser could cause scarring or burning. The same applies to fake tanning too. Clients must have untanned skin or they won’t be able to commence treatment and some practitioners might carry out a melanin count to assess how your skin will react to treatment. We also advise that strong creams with a high SPF are worn post-treatment.