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Men's Skin Sorted

Let’s face it, over the years men have become far more interested in how they look and ‘male grooming’ is such a huge trend! Many are still rather shy to profess how much they care about how they look, but they do and are quite willing to invest in the right products and treatments to make them look the best they can. There is still a handful however that still follow a very basic regimen of a cheap disposable razor, a bar of soap and some Old Spice – but the average man’s skin needs more attention.

From shaving to acne, to moisturising and sunscreen the men’s market for skincare products is growing and at a fast pace – but what products, accompanying treatments and tips and tricks are key to achieving simply glowing skin this summer for Cheshire’s men? Serenity’s skin expert explains.

“I’ve shaved for years, I know I am doing right!”

But are they? The first mistake men are making when shaving is going against the grain. Most men will shave this way to achieve a closer shave, but by doing this, the blade often nicks the buried surface of the hair follicle and can create inflammation.

The best way to shave to ensure the skin is left unharmed is by shaving in the direction that feels smooth, so doing a stroke on each section of the face – making sure that the area is not being shaved over and over again.

Skincare products specifically designed for men – gimmick or great?

The skin care industry in recent years has been bringing out more and more products specially designed and created for men. Is this just another way for the big corps to generate income? Or, are they really worth their price tag? Easy answer, yes, they truly are worth every penny.

We’re sad to say that zits, spots, acne (whatever you like to call them!) happen regardless of age and many men will still be suffering well into their adult life. Men have, on average, slightly more oily skin (than women) because testosterone stimulates sebum production in the hair follicles. With this in mind when purchasing any product it really is worth understanding your own skin type and how your skin differs from the fairer sex.

“Only women go to beauty salons for treatments!”

We have heard this statement numerous times and whoever says it couldn’t be more wrong! Over the years’ the team here at Serenity have welcomed men of all ages through the doors for such a vast range of treatments – from facials to waxing, to eyebrow treatments to massage.

Men really shouldn’t be embarrassed to step foot in a beauty salon or to be investing in their appearance. Women will only be impressed if you care about how you look and want to remain in tip-top condition. Women spend thousands of pounds across a year taking care of their looks and investing in the right products and we will only view it favourably if our other halves, friends, dads, brother and uncles do the same!

Calling all men – Serenity is here for you…

Serenity offers a plethora of products, treatments and therapies that are created with just men in mind.

Here is just a handful of treatments we recommend:

iBeauty Skin Purifier

This machine based facial is just perfect for men’s skin.

Featuring a purifying mechanical exfoliation from sound vibrations and a sequential ultra-sound emission to drain and stimulate the skin and infuse the treatment products.

The iBeauty treatment from Thalgo can be tailored to all skin types for a purifying, hydrating or anti-ageing result.

The price for this facial is £35 for a 30-minute treatment.

Clinical Massage

We advocate massages of all types for everyone – but clinical massage is very popular with our male clientele.

Clinical massage combines sports massage and eastern massage to treat anyone from athletes to those suffering from pain or chronic pain. Treatment includes trigger point therapy, shiatsu massage, advanced stretching, myofascial release and deep tissue work.

At Serenity, we can treat lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, acute locked back, migraine, whiplash, cervical spray, carpal tunnel, RSI, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, hip and pelvic pain and leg, knee and foot pain.

Our clinical masseuse is Karen and she is more than happy to meet with anyone to discuss their issues before a full appointment is booked.

Prices are £45 for 40 minutes or £55 for a 55-minute session.