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Serenity is now working with Natalie from The Cheshire Brow Company – bringing enviable brows to our clientele.

If you want those perfect brows, then look no further than an appointment and treatment with Natalie. She creates semi-permanent brows that last up to 3-4 years, with just the need of a second topping-up session after 12-18months.

Here is more from Natalie on her treatments:

The price is £250 and that includes the first top up 4-8 weeks later.
It takes two treatments (included in that price) approx 4-8 weeks apart to get the perfect results. They will last approximately 18 months before they need re-doing all depending on your lifestyle and body but there’s no guarantee of how long it will last, every person differs.
The treatment appointment itself is made up of a consultation & tattooing time and cannot be split into 2 appointments. The treatment can take about 2 hours.
It’s all natural ingredients so it’s not bad for your body, although I do offer a patch test if you have any particular allergies.
If you have seen pictures of brows done on any of my social media please bare in mind that most of those pictures will of been taken within about 10 mins of the tattoo being done so colours can/will fade by up to 30% in the first few weeks and the lines will soften making them appear even more natural looking.
Any redness after the tattoo usually subsides within about 30 mins.
Shades vary from fair to dark depending on what you want and what will suit you and can be done if you have lots of or sparse to no brow hair at all.
You will need approximately 2-3 weeks after your brows have been done before they have healed and you can go in the sun, on a sun holiday or get them wet and we advise you to have “both” appointment done before any sun holidays as a sun holiday in between initial treatments could affect your final results.
I do appointments at Serenity, just ask any member of their team to book your appointment with me.

Before they can book you in they will need to check:

  • Have you ever had a tattoo before ?
  • Have you ever had cosmetic tattoo/semi permanent make up before? If yes where eg. Brows, lips etc
  • Have you ever had a reaction to hair dye or lash tint?
  • Are you allergic to any kind of metals? (If so a patch test will be needed)
  • Do you have Botox or fillers?
  • Are you on ANY medication that affects your body from healing or it is advised that you shouldn’t have a tattoo. Eg roaccutane ?
  • Do you have any skin conditions in the area to be treated? E.g. Psoriasis Eczema etc.
  • Are you being treated for or investigated for any form of cancer?
  • Are you pregnant or expect to be breast feeding around the time of your appointment?
  • Do you have any sun holidays plans around the time of your appointment ?
  • Are you over 18?

For any further information or to answer any questions just contact the team at Serenity.