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When it comes to skincare, it can all be a bit confusing. You only have to take a walk into Superdrug to be met with barracks of products, ready to combat your skin. With each brand having its own plethora of skin products and each shop stocking hundreds of brands, it’s little wonder that you may feel a tad intimidated when faced with the task of choosing the right products for you.

The key is to know your skin type and understand how it affects you. There are four main different skin types:

  • Combination Skin – Your cheek area is dry and sometimes tight, your T-zone has large pores and the skin is oily.
  • Oily Skin – Your entire face has large pores and is shiny and sometimes pale. You are extremely prone to spots and blackheads, particularly across your forehead, nose, chin, upper chest and back.
  • Sensitive Skin – Your skin is fine-pored, delicate and tender and is especially sensitive to environmental factors and stress. It can range from slight redness to feelings of tightness right through to allergic reactions. Rough flakes often appear on the skin and spots are less common.
  • Normal Skin– Your skin is matte and rarely shines. You may get the occasional spot or blemish and your pores are relatively fine.

If you are unsure of what skin type you are, the best thing to do would be to seek a second opinion. Serenity offer skin consultations free of charge where a skin specialist will talk you through what type of skin you have, how it affects you and which products and treatments will be most beneficial to you.

Regardless of your skin type, there are some top tips that you should follow for healthy skin.

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and regularly, once in the morning and once in the evening. Don’t over cleanse your face, however, as this will stress the skin. If you are wearing makeup, use a toner after cleansing. If you get a build-up of sebum during the day, just use a facial tissue to remove the oily layer.
  2. Don’t use hot water to cleanse. This stimulates your sebaceous glands which, in turn, produces more oil. Luke-warm water is best.
  3. If you have impurities, don’t apply toothpaste or heavy creams. Instead, use an anti-spot product like the Thalgo Imperfection Corrector which you can apply to individual blemishes overnight.
  4. Keep your hands away from your face otherwise your skin will constantly be irritated and bacteria will end up on the surface of the skin.
  5. Do sports and get plenty of exercise in the fresh air. This will get the blood flowing to your skin and give you a fresh complexion.
  6. Keep your phone screen clean by cleaning it regularly with antibacterial wipes. Phone screens are a breeding ground for bacteria and grease and by pressing it up against your skin to answer a call, you are transferring all that bacteria to your face.
  7. Skin care is as much about what you eat and drink as it is about how you physically treat your skin. Calorific food and drinks with high fat contact can bring out the worst in your skin. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet to improve your skin from the inside-out.


You should cleanse your face when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed in the evening. It is absolutely essential to thoroughly remove your makeup in the evenings otherwise it will cause a build-up of debris and sebum in your pores and will promote growth of bacteria.

Use a cleanser that is kind to your skin, like the Thalgo Gentle Purifying Gel which foams upon contact with water to purify the skin, regulate excess sebum and remove impurities. You should then cleanse your skin again with a facial toner. The Thalgo Beautifying Tonic Lotion is ideal as it is suitable even for sensitive skin and will completely remove any excess makeup or sebum from your pores and thus prevents new spots and blackheads from forming.

Once a week, gentle scrubs can be used to remove excess sebum, reduce shine on the skin, and remove dead skin cells. The Thalgo Gentle Exfoliator is ideal as it uses a dual chemical and mechanical exfoliation technique using 100% natural jojoba oil micro-beads to refine the skin and illuminate the complexion whilst maintaining maximum comfort.

By following these simple steps, you are setting your skin up to be the perfect canvas.

Call Serenity on 01625877875 to book in for your free of charge skin consultation, or simply book in online.

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