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Thalgo Ocea Sun


Ocea Sun is a supplement with a unique triple action: it intensifies and boosts the tan whilst preserving the skin’s youthfulness and protecting the eyes. Carotenoids create an intense and lasting tan, while vitamins (B3 and E) and trace elements (Zinc + Selenium) help to defend against free radicals and prevent premature skin ageing. Essential fatty acids (derived from Borage Oil) prevent skin dehydration for a brighter tan, and Lutein protects the retina by filtering blue light, which is harmful to the eyes.

30 capsules


Preserve the beauty of your skin in the sun with Thalgo’s intelligent sun protection. Our products are formulated with a Monoi, caramel, coconut and vanilla fragrance and combine reinforced anti-UVA and anti-UVB protection, a patented complex and two marine extracts with concentrated anti-ageing properties and a unique dark-spot protection for skin glowing with youth and a perfect tan!


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