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Thalgo Cold Cream Marine SOS Soothing Mask


Reducing the feelings of hypersensitivity in just ten minutes, this refreshing mask is doubly soothing. On the surface, Aloe Vera helps to alleviate discomfort and tightness. Deep within the skin, a plant extract improves skin tolerance to effectively reduce tingling and burning sensations.



  • Cold Cream Marine

    Unique Thalgo recipe to:
    Replenish => Phytoplankton micro-algae oil, rich in fatty acids, which are essential to the epidermis
    Soothe => Marine wax containing a high concentration of Laminaria ochroleuca brown macro-algae extract
    Repair => Sève Bleue des Océans, a remineralising "beauty water"

  • Plant Berries

    "Relaxing" properties to reinforce cutaneous tolerance against aggressions


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