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Thalgo Coffret Visage Cold Cream Marine


Thalgo Gift set containing Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Cream and Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask.


Contains :

Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Cream: The first Face Moisturisers cream enriched with Cold Cream Marine that effectively replenishes, soothes, and repairs dry and sensitive skin, and restores a feeling of comfort for up to 24 hours. This is a smooth cream for dry and sensitive skin. Skin is replenished and soothed. Sweet and comforting scent, allergen free.

Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask: repairs and soothes all feelings of discomfort of dry and sensitive skin. With this extremely comforting, soothing texture, skin feels intensely nourished; feelings of tightness and itchiness are reduced, and roughness and flakiness are less visible. Sweet and comforting scent, allergen free.


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