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Jane Scrivner Face Lift Blade


Lift, Refresh & Tone

Blade & Instructions

Using only the weight of the Carnelian tool, the Jane Scrivner FACE LIFT BLADE works to lift, stimulate and tone the skin in the exact same way as the ancient Chinese Qua or Gua Sha.

Using our FACE LIFT BLADE regularly after application of any of your Jane Scrivner skincare, you will see a difference in tone, texture and luminescence.

'Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a Qua Sha or Gua Sha Blade to stimulate and lift the complexion using light, specific 'strokes' across the surface of the skin. This method also stimulates sluggish circulation and releases tension in the facial muscles'



Use daily/regularly after light application of any Jane :: facial serum, oil or cream.

1 x Carnelian FACE LIFT BLADE and illustrated sequence card.


POSITION Hold Face Lift Blade at 45% to skin. Gently press into skin, using only light pressure to 'comb' and lift skin.

SEQUENCE Move blade outwards and upwards. Repeat each line 3 times to stimulate, tone and lift.

FACE LIFT BLADE Use any part of blade that is comfortable for the facial area, tip for under eye, curved edge for cheek, wavy end for forehead etc.

FACE LIFT BLADES are made from delicate Carnelian Agate, and could chip or break if dropped.

Wash blade after each use, dry and store in cotton bag.