Gone are the days of thin, over-plucked eyebrows, it’s a new era for brows and it has been for some time. However, some of you might still be trying to work out how to achieve that thicker, bushier, more on-trend brow – well Serenity is here to help!

Though Cara Delevingne is certainly the reigning eyebrow queen du jour, the truth is that her power arches are simply not one-size-fits-all! Yes, Cara looks amazing, but her brow suits her, not everyone would look so model-like with a brow as bold and thick as hers. It’s all about finding that perfect shape for you, and you can do that by following your original brow line, but if you have thin brows, it’s going to take some time and patience.

Sadly, brows follow the fashion and it was on-trend to have very thin brows circa 1990, but not today. With treatments such as HD Brows being more popular than ever, it’s time to let things grow and get those brows back to being much thicker.

But how do you achieve that, without looking like you’ve let yourself go?!?!

Grow, baby, grow

It’s time to join brow rehab: Which means NO hair removal whatsoever for at least eight weeks – up to a full year. This may come as a bit of a shock, but to get those brows back in shape you need to give them time to grow, and when we say no removal we mean – nothing, zilch, nada!

By the eighth week, you will already be able to see your natural eyebrow line returning, but it can take up to 12 months for every single hair on the brow area to finally fill in.

Fortunately, growth serums can create small miracles and really hurry along that awkward growing period, though they sadly can’t help everyone.

“We highly recommend this product as it works wonders for most people, but it’s difficult to promise the same results for everyone,” says Nichola Wilkson, owner and founder of Serenity.

“Prolonged and repetitive over-tweezing can traumatize the hair follicles, causing them to be dormant and may weaken their ability to regrow. But we do see so many success stories and we recommend everyone tries our products, they become a lifeline through that tricky regrowth stage!”

If you opt to try a serum, there is only one that Serenity lives by and that’s Rivtabrow.

Magic solution

Serenity really advocates the Rivtabrow products, any of our team will rave about how it has worked for them and many of their clients!

See for yourself

We are currently working with a wonderful lady called Tracey, who has over-plucked her eyebrows for years. She is wanting a new look and with her hair becoming patchier with age, she reached out to the Serenity team for guidance.

Nichola has set Tracey off on a regrowth challenge with a Rivtabrow in her hand – we are excited to welcome Tracey back in soon for her HD Brow treatments and to see that all-new brow she has been after.

Tracey’s case study will be shared with you all very soon!

Pick one up today

 If you are keen to grow your eyebrows back and have a thicker look this year – then pop in and pick up a Rivtabrow solution today, it costs £89 and will last weeks!

You can also pop in for a free consultation with any of our team to discuss your brows and what treatments will work best for your shape. All eyebrow treatments are bookable online here.

Rivtabrow helps grow your hairs that bit quicker, with an application daily, you will welcome in more conditioned hairs much faster to make the growing stage of eyebrows that bit easier.