Hair removal 

Serenity offers a variety of treatments to remove un-wanted hair, whether that is semi-permanently or permanently.  

Semi Permanent

Waxing – Warm Wax

Full Leg – including Bikini £30
Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini £36
Full Leg & Playboy £43
Full Leg & Hollywood £45
¾ Leg Wax £23
Half Leg lower - £17.50
Half Leg, Bikini & Under Arm - £35
Half Leg upper - £22.50
Bikini Line - £15
Under Arm - £10
Fore Arm - £14.50
Upper Lip - £8
Upper Lip & Chin - £13
Eyebrows - £11
Back or Chest - £20

Intimate Waxing – Hot Wax

Brazilian wax £22

Landing strip two-three fingers width. 

Playboy wax £28

Pencil line strip, all off underneath 

Hollywood wax £30

“Everything off” 



Is an ancient Indian hair removal technique used by our trained therapists. The cotton-twisting technique is the perfect way to remove unwanted hair.  

Eyebrow - £11
Upper Lip - £10
Upper Lip and Chin - £17
Cheeks - £15
Eyebrow Threading and Tint - £ 17.50
Facial Threading - £20


Serenity houses the very latest technology to offer clients permanent hair reduction. Our experienced and trained team use Ellipse Intense Pulse Light technology to perform our hair removal treatments. Don’t confuse it with laser, it is much safer! 

If there is an area of the body, or a combination not mentioned, please do ask our team.  

This is the most advanced technique due to its unique dual mode filtering system, which ensures high efficiency without risks of side effects. Suitable for facial hair, legs, bikini line, under arms, arms, backs, chest, neck lines & abdomens. A course six – eight treatments on average is recommended for optimum results. 

To begin your IPL journey, you will need a free of charge consultation followed by a patch test which costs £15 and is fully redeemable against your first treatment.  

Upper Lip or Chin - £65 or course of six £325
Upper Lip and Chin - £95 or course of six £475
Facial Hair - £150 or course of six £750
Under Arm - £95 or course of six £475
Neck - £95 or course of six £475
Bikini Line - £110 or course of six £550
Brazilian - £130 or course of six £650
Hollywood £160 or course of six £800
Half Leg - £175 or course of six £875
Three Quarters Leg - £225 or course of six £1,125
Full Leg and Bikini £300 or course of six £1350
Full Leg and Hollywood £330 or course of six £1650
Chest or Back - £200 or course of six £1,000
Full Body (includes full legs, bikini and underarm) £1500


Electrolysis is a treatment for permanent hair removal of both facial and body hair as the electric current destroys the hair regrowth cells that house the hair root. It is an alternative to Ellipse IPL for hair removal where clients have fine hair growth or red/grey/blonde coloured hair. Electrolysis is the destruction of the lower follicle through the application of an electrical current.  A very fine needle called a ‘probe’ is inserted down each hair into the space between the shaft and the follicle wall.  

10 minutes £13.50
20 minutes £17.50
30 minutes £26.50