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Nail Enhancements

Full Set Gel Nails £45.00

Full Set Acrylic Nails £45.00

Full Set Sculptured Acrylic Nails£45.00

infills Natural £30.00

Infills with Gel colour £33.50

Removal of nails and manicure £30.00

Removal of nails prior to full set £10.00

Fibre Gel Nails

Perfect for strengthening the natural nail, fibre gel is a highly durable, solvent free gel.

Applied thinly over french white tips or as an overlay to give a small amount of strength.

Full set with tips  £40.00

Overlays natural £28.50

Overlays with colour/French £33.50

Infills natural £28.50

Infills colour/French £33.50


*All prices shown are subject to change without notice. Please call us on 01625 877 875 for the latest prices.

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