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Men’s treatments

More and more men are realising the importance of looking after themselves, both on the inside and the outside.

Serenity has introduced our male clients to a range of products with specifically designed treatments to enhance the face, body and mind.

Treatments include:


High Performance Skin Energiser £65.00

for stressed dehydrated, challenged skins.

This anti ageing treatment is charged with the new clinically proven time defence wrinkle delay and Time defence eye reviver for the ultimate skin overhaul with maximum results.


Full Body Aromatherapy – £55.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage Aromatherapy – £29.50

Extended Back, Neck & Shoulder massage  – £39.50

Indian Head Massage  – £39.50

A wonderful stress relieving treatment which helps to alleviate mental fatigue and muscular aches and pains. It includes face, neck, scalp, upper back, shoulders and arms.

Clinical Massage

Clinical massage combines the best sports massage and eastern massage to treat anyone from athletes to those suffering with pain/chronic pain.

Treatments include trigger point therapy, shiatsu massage, advanced stretching, myofascial release and deep tissue work.

Lower back pain; sciatica, herniated disc, acute locked back & piriformis syndrome.

Neck & shoulder; migraine, whiplash and cervical sprain.

Wrist and arm; Carpel tunnel, RSI, golfers and tennis elbow.

Hip & Pelvis pain.

Leg, knee & foot pain.

45 minutes £45.00

55 minutes £55.00

plus check out further treatments on our website as most treatments are suitable for male clients.

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