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Hair Removal

Ellipse Intense pulse light hair removal


Permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This is the most advanced technique due to its unique dual mode filtering system, which ensures high efficiency without risks of side effects. Suitable for Facial hair, Legs, Bikini Line, Under Arms, Arms, Backs, Neck lines & Abdomens. A course 6 – 8 treatments on average is recommended for optimum results.

See below for ‘How it Works’**

Consultations are free of charge

Patch Tests £15.00

* A National Care Standards registered salon

Buy five a get your sixth for FREE!

Upper lip £65

Course of Six £325 (saving £65) – equates to £54.16 per session

Chin & upper lip £95

Course of Six £475 (saving £95.00) – equates to £79.16 per session

Facial Hair £150

Course of Six £750 (saving £150) – equates to £125 per session

Under Arm £95

Course of Six £475 (saving £95.00) – equates to £79.16 per session

Neck £95

Course of Six £475 (saving £95) – equates to £79.16 per session

Bikini line £110

Course of Six £550 (saving £110) – equates to £91.66 per session

Brazilian Bikini £130

Course of six £650.00 (saving £650) – equates to £108.33 per session.

Hollywood Bikini –All off £160

Course of six £800 (saving £160) – equates to £133.33 per session.

Half Leg £175

Course of Six £875 (saving £175) – equates to £145.83 per session

3/4 leg £225

Course of Six £1125 (saving £225) – equates to £187.50 per session

Full Leg & Bikini £300

Course of Six £1500 (saving £300) – equates to £250 per session

Chest or Back From £200

Course of Six £1000 (saving £200) – equates to £166.66 per session

Ellipse Permanent Hair Removal – How it Works

Serenity Health and Beauty on Park Lane in Poynton offer permanent hair reduction for both male and female clients.

Our method is practically painless and removes unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Many dream of a body free from embarrassing and unsightly hair. Attempts to realise this dream have led to a great deal of effort (not to mention suffering!) in the use of razor blades, electric shavers or the more uncomfortable methods of tweezers, wax or needle electrolysis. As a rule, all the energy is wasted as the hair soon grows back.

The effective Ellipse intense pulsed light treatment therefore receives an enthusiastic welcome for those with embarrassing body hair. The Ellipse treatment offers fast, safe and practically painless permanent hair reduction.

Ellipse treatment is gentle and practically painless. The process uses light which is absorbed by the pigment in the individual hairs, The pigment converts the light into heat, a process which disables the ability of the hair follicle to continue growing. It does not hurt. The most discomfort experienced is a slight tingling sensation, which soon passes.

The time taken depends on the size of the area being treated. A minor facial treatment such as removal of upper lip hair can be completed in about 10 minutes while an entire back or both legs can take one to two hours.

Ellipse treatment works on hairs in the growth phases. This means that approximately six sessions at intervals of a couple of months are required for optimum results.



Full Leg – including Bikini £30.00

Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini £36.00

Half Leg lower £17.50

Half Leg upper £22.50

Half Leg, Bikini & Under Arm £35.00

Bikini Line £15.00

Under Arm £10.00

Fore Arm £14.50

Upper Lip £8.00

Upper Lip & Chin £13.00

Eye Brows £11.00

Brazilian wax £22.00 – Landing strip 2-3 fingers width

Playboy wax £28.00 – Pencil line strip, all off underneath

Hollywood wax £30.00 – “Everything off”

Back £20.00

Chest wax £20.00

Biodepyl hair growth inhibitor can be applied as an after wax/ electrolysis treatment to retard regrowth. The natural products work directly on the germinative cells that produce hairs, with regular use it will slow and thin hair re-growth.


Registered with the local environmental health. We use sterex sterile disposable needles

10 minutes £13.50

20 minutes £17.50

30 minutes £26.50

*All prices shown are subject to change without notice. Please call us on 01625 877 875 for the latest prices.

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