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Semi-permanent Make Up

Why spend so much of your morning hiding the fact that you’ve just got out of bed?

With semi-permanent make-up, you can look a whole lot better and give you more of your mornings (and evenings) back.

Semi-permanent make Up


Semi-Permanent make-up is the art of implanting pharmaceutical grade pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin using techniques similar to tattooing. This results in a shadow of colour with the appearance of perfectly applied make up.

The initial treatment requires two visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. As the name implies, semi-permanent make up requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look, but you can expect the treatments to last anything from 1 to 3 years before a re-touch is required.

Semi-Permanent make-up not only enhances the individual look of the client but will eliminate the daily chore of applying make-up. The fact is we all feel more confident if we have our most important facial features defined; these being the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Each individual’s requirements are carefully considered before treatment is undertaken, although most people would agree that in general the eyebrows make the most difference to the basic symmetry and enhancement of the face as a whole.


The eyebrow is the most one of the most prominent features of your face.They give shape and definition to your face, and getting them right is of utmost importance.

Over the years most eyebrows become patchy and thin due to ill health or over plucking, or they simply deteriorate with age. However, we dont have to accept this; with semi permanent make up we can create the appearance of a natural, soft penciled brow, a hair simulation effect or a more glamourous brow.

It really is your choice. Having the right shaped brow can give you the confidence of not having to worry that they may be smudged or not exactly the same shape. More amazingly they can give you the appearance of an eyelift !


Eyeliners can be applied in several ways, Semi permanent eyeliner can help to enhance the shape, size and also colour of the eye.

It can be applied between the lashes ( lash enhancement ) giving more definition to the eye without looking too obvious, or can be thicker and more shapely for the more dramatic made up look.

A latino line will give an even more modern edge; the choice is yours.


After your eyes, your lips are the most noticed feature of your face. They can be made fuller and given more definition to create a shape which may, although having already been there, have faded over time. Any imperfections or scarring can also be corrected with this treatment.

You can choose a line that can be applied with great subtlety to just give shape rather than lots of colour.

Alternatively it can be applied more boldly for a more glamourous look. If you are wanting to boost the lip with natural colour and fullness, then a blush treatment is recommended as this will provide a subtle, fuller, and a younger-looking glow to what was previously uneven and colourless.

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