Body Care

Indoceane 1hr 30mins £70.00

This is a complete ritual of vital relaxation, the perfect answer to those who are tense and stressed by their pace of life and their environment.

The journey begins with a welcome ritual precious milk foot bath followed by a sweet and savoury body scrub.

The third step is a relaxation massage based on ayurvedic and asian principals using an energy balm and luxury massage oil…, finally the silky sublime wrap completes the journey to leave your skin beautiful and radiant.

Thalgo Hot Stone Face & Body Treatment 2hr 30mins £100.00

Polynesia spa ritual £70.00

The perfect escape from stress and fatigue. This luxury body treatment will leave your skin beautiful and radiant.

Hot Stone Body Treatment 1hr 15 mins £65.00

This hot stone therapy induces deep relaxation and invites sleep. The movements, rhythm and power of the stones bring about this unique and total relaxation.

It can ease muscle fatigue while sending you into sensorial bliss.

Seaweed Body Wrap 1hr 15mins £55.00

This deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment is rich in minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. A warm seaweed wrap that activates circulation, increases the metabolic rate and relieves aches and pains. It calms eczema, psoriasis and acne skin conditions. Excellent post illness.

Frigi Thalgo 1hr £42.00

Course of six £200.00

An excellent anti cellulite treatment to eliminate excess toxins and fluid from the hip, thigh and buttock area, this treatment revives heavy tired legs poor circulation and those prone to water retention.

Pregnancy treatment  £55.00

This relaxing body treatment is specifically designed for the pregnant lady it incorporates a full body exfoliation followed by a luxurious body massage, a treatment mask is then applied to enrich the skin helping to prevent and lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Body Exfoliation 30mins £20.00

This intensive body exfoliation will smooth, hydrate and soften the skin, it incorporates luxurious body creams and firming serums, leaving you skin feeling brighter, softer and renewed.

CACI (ECM) Cellulite treatment £28.00

Good for severe cases of cellulite

Course of 10 treatments £280.00

To get the best possible regime of CACI body treatments to suit your needs please book in with one of the therapists for a body consultation prior to your treatment commencing.


*All prices shown are subject to change without notice. Please call us on 01625 877 875 for the latest prices.

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